I first became interested music production sometime during June of 2007 when a friend lent me his 3 octave MIDI controller and a copy of Reason and Adobe Audition. At this point I would just be looking at the screen thinking “what the…” and using standard logic to attempt to understand what all of these bewildering buttons, lights and faders meant. For hours I sat at the computer moving everything to see (or hear) what would change as a result. From this technique I managed to finish a song I called WaveMist and from hearing this my minimal knowledge of digital production is evident. Regardless of this, friends told me it was good so I stuck to it and here birthed Psilodigm.
Albums : 
playlist artwork2.5 EP
A couple of songs produced for a college EP,  two very contrasting tracks; ‘Just Chillin » being an atmospheric rock track, and ‘Maya’ having a technical -metal influence. Enjoy!


playlist artworkTwo
The second release. Generally experimental sounds with alot of ambience in most tracks. enjoy!
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