Serpenthia is a darkmetal band from Finland. The band was found around the year 2000 by Damriel and Khaon. Since then the music and line-up has gone through changes and the band has now found its style and is currently concentrating on mastering the secrets of the genre with it’s own unique way. So far Serpenthia has released three demos « Of Descent and Betrayal » (2004), « ReAnimated Absurdity » (2006) and « Let There Be Silence… » (2007). Current line-up: Damriel (Vocals and Lyrics), Khaon (Guitar and music), Morgarath (Guitar), Astraal (Bass), Xephalien (Drums) and SK (Live Synth).
Albums :
 playlist artworkSindicate


 playlist artworkReAnimated Absurdity
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