Welcome in to the world of vibrations and harmony 🙂

What is the music of Shivanam like?
„Rituals from different continets together with electronic music, modern rhythms blending with live
interpretation and sounds of the nature, efected live in a compact musical story. Multimedia show, a juncture of world music with modern rhythmy from the whole world – worldbeat. Phenomenon in the Czech fields. Absolutely personal, characterful expresison.“

Shivanam has currently 2 members:

● Ivan Jasek (voice, guitar, sampler, tabla, live effects, singing bowls, shammanic and frame drums, mouth harp)

● Edgar Mojdl (flute, pipes, shenai, keys, live effects, Ghatam, congo, tarabuka, sampler and more)

● Plus many other Guests and Friends of different music genres (depends on size of the performance)

Albums : 

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