Collares Pedro

Pedro Collares: Born in Brazil. Sound therapist, multi instrumentalist musician and musical producer. Specialized in the Hang contemporary instrument of Swiss origin. Pedro is carried away about exotic and healing sound vibrations. He has taken part with music in multiple events for the awakening of the conscience in countries like: Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland among others. In India he was initiated at the Oneness University as Deeksha (Oneness Blessing) giver. For the last 3 years he`s being giddying meetings and meditation retreats with healing music as the base of his work. Living now in Barcelona were you can see him performing in the streets of the gothic, he just finished an electronic music production course at SAE institute, and now also dedicates some of his time to produce different projects as Oneness Sound Giving a fine touch of modernity but always keeping the organic essence.
Albums :
playlist artworkSat Kalimba (single)
playlist artworkHang Experience 1
playlist artworkOrganic Healing Sound

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