Turjan Aylahn (Aka Alain Pachins) Composer Multi-instrmentalist, Sound-Designer.

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playlist artworkUnivers Zero

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IC.XC cover art IC.XC

  • http://aylahn.bandcamp.com/album/ic-xc
  • 7 titres – released 09 December 2012
  • Musique Alain Pachins
  • alternative, darbuka, duduk, kamanche, saz, électro, ethnic, fusion, movie, soundtrack, world, music

The Five Cores - Original Score cover art  The Five Cores – Original Score

Children of Pellah OST (E.P.edition) cover art  Children of Pellah OST (E.P.edition)

Original Soundtracks of « Children of Pellah » by Nikki Wallin & Matteo Saradini
see :
official site

Red Harvest Pictures inc

Liquid Light cover art  Liquid Light

  • http://aylahn.bandcamp.com/album/liquid-light
  • 9 titres – released 05 May 2012
    All music by Alain Pachins (aka Turjan Aylahn)
    exept Tracks 5 « Hovern Enka » : Trad. From Armenia
  • alternative, clavicylindre, d’ni, ernst, chladni, euphone, crystal, baschet, électro, expérimental, minimal, movie, soundtrack, néo-classique, world, music

After some years of existence, research and all kind of adventures, the first EP of the D’Marnah Project finally emerge
This called “Liquid Light” is the result of years of research on organology of the D’Ni musical lore revolving around the rediscovery of the sound world of this ancient people.
Archaeological work of musicology which required the reconstruction of exotic musical instruments whose centerpiece is the “Ahnomeprad”, a kind of “Euphone” as Ernst Chladni previously thought in his time there are over 200 years.
See for more Info Photos and Videos

A.Pachins play on Duduk (1, 5), Ahnomeprad, TankDrums (2, 4, 7, 8) Frame Drums (8)

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