Sicilian AV project

  • jazz, électro, lounge, world, funk, post, chillout
  • Origine:  Italie – Roma
  • Site web:
  • Existe depuis: 02/09/2005
  • Profil géré par: Gaggeggi

Audiovisual antimafia collective – inspired by the works and words of Leonardo Sciascia, Sicilian writer and civil activist, Sicilian AV project is the legacy of literature performed and expressed through mixed mediums: musicvisual arts andillustrations.

Have you ever heard of the mafia? You probably have, but it’s unlikely that you’ve heard it evoked in the rhythms of d&b, electronica and jazz, mixed with unusual action-painting illustrations and highly suggestive real-life video clips.
Antonino Musco and his many collaborators at Sicilian AV Project, however, aren’t in it for the business: they aren’t selling catchy tunes or coloured bags and they don’t talk about football. Most of them are Sicilian, all young and almost all emigrated to a hypothetical North as in their hyper-real South someone had clipped their wings, but not their ideas.

Albums :

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