Project Divinity

Project Divinity is an ambient project of a finnish hobbyist composer Matti Paalanen (Jamendo user Michikawa). It follows the footsteps of such artists as VangelisGlobal Communicationand Boards of Canada. Soundscapes are mellow, drifting and contain no tight structures. The musical material of the project has two distinct sides, one being dark and brooding, the other lighthearted and beautiful. The project homepage

Albums :

playlist artworkNot Alone In Kyoto
I’m heading to Japan in March 2012 and decided to produce a short soundtrack for the upcoming trip – Not Alone In Kyoto. In spirit of David Sylvian, Air, Mike Oldfield and Ryuichi Sakamoto.
playlist artworkDharma Armada
After listening to Nujabes I decided to rush headlong into unknown oceans of sound and took the challenge that is producing trip-hop.
Dharma Armada was produced in one day, most of the tunes took about one hour of studio time each. Outcome may sound a bit crude, but hopefully also inspirational, improvisational and dynamic.
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