Wojciech Wszelaki

 A propos de Wojciech :

Without the art of man is no better than a chimp. Human intelligence begins with a kiss Music.

I deal with making music since the early 90’s. I finished music school second degreein the clarinet. In 1991-1992 he worked with Radio Station (now Eska) as acomposer of music for commercials and radio broadcasts. In 1993-1995 I was amusician Representative Orchestra of the Polish Army. The HR RepresentativeOrchestra – I’ve played concerts in several European countries (France,Belgium, Austria). From 1995 to 2000, I was a musician in the Orchestra Lignite Mining Station, where he led a team of music (pop music). Currently composingelectronic music in different varieties and have published his work on the siteJamendo. I work with El-radio station and ToksynaFM. There gives concerts – focus on the work in the comfort of home studio.
My music is mostly authored with elements of alternative electronic world, ethno, melodicpiano,synthpop, synth space. I make the broader electronics, donot pigeonhole his work, do not limit their approach to music. I make my mind as the soul of the game.

Albums sur Soundcloud :

Intro no memory - remix 2013 Intro no memory – remix 2013

omnifarious omnifarious

Electro manequins Electro manequins

Albums Bandcamp :


Far away from home cover art Far away from home

la bienne cover art  la-bienne

Like a butterfly cover art  like-a-butterfly

Album Jamendo :
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