Orlando Ceci is born to Martina Franca, near Taranto city, in the south of Italy, the 01-10-1982.
He is an Electronic Engineer and has, for eternity, passion for the music. Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess, Metallica, Pink Floid,Deep Pourple and Led Zeppelin, but also Beethoven,Chopin, Mozart, represent the greatest references for theOrlando’s composition.
In his life Orlando has wrote a lot of song and intrumental music. The first were are played with « Tentativo50 » project (50Attempt in English) and the seconds are played « in his studio-room« . His solo albums are an absolute passion composition work, without those schemes which limit the imagination.
Actually, Orlando work as engineer in industrial automation field and, in leisure, play his beloved Kurzweil SP 88x.
Orlando like to explode his fantasy composing metal progressive songs but, at same time, his greatest aspiration is to create enviroment musics and movie soundtracks.
Albums : 
 playlist artworkSunset on the lake
Voices and thoughts, emotions and feelings, poetries and melodies soar in the mind. The sunseton the lake abducts the look and makes life to imagination, to the memory, to affected. In this atmosphere, heart tightens releasing a dewdrop from the eyes to light… I whisper a smile… hoping to find the sun over the mountains…
playlist artworkVerso te…
Questo album racchiude la passione, il sentimento, la malinconia e il desiderio, nati dall’amore profondo per la mia Antonella, fonte immensa di ispirazione, splendida compagna di vita…
Verso Te è un album melodico e romantico, basato su timbriche di pianoforte e archi prevalentemente.
Quando ho composto e registrato le tracce pubblicate, ho aperto il mio cuore, liberato la mente e, le mie mani, han dipinto le mie emozioni…

Gli scienziati lamentano la negligenza umana nei confronti della natura… La politica della pigrizia e del capitalismo funge da eco agli allarmi… Tutto questo potrebbe avere un grosso prezzo : RETROAZIONE NEGATIVA !

Retroazione Negativa è un album decisamente rock, metal, progressive e strumentale e contiene un brano elettronico in coda.

Queste musiche sono caratterizzate da una moltitudine di temi che si susseguono e che prendono forma evolvendosi, raccontando di una vita vissuta nell’oscurità…  si ringrazia la collaborazione di Durando Tegas per aver suonato la parte di chitarra in Specchio del tempo

This is my new album for the 2008 year. It is a very progressive, instrumental, melodic, metal and rock music. In English, it’s named Introspections and reflect the harmonies that flying in my mind: in this musics, I liberate my fantasy whitout limits or canonical structures.
Fantasia (Fantasy) is present in all parts of the world we observe and in all our interpretations.Fantasia is an interface with deterministic reality that is around our eyes. For this, everyone can imagine his way, intimate and original, in a travel through own introspection.

Fantasia is an unique song and is splitted for a « light listening », because is long more than 33 minutes! …But, I propose a « continuous listen » and not a « splitted listen » (or, in the worst case, a « random listen ») bacause Fantasia has an history hiddened that appear after some full listening…

I hope that you can to have pleasure when you play this musics…
Tank you!

This album is dedicated to earth planet enviroment, when I play my trouble with progressive and melodic sound. I classify CO2 as a rock, progressive, metal, ambiental, instrumental synthesis album.

In my music there are a lot of keyboards solo and melodic themes but, for me, each instrument is important and this is remarked when you listen my works. I played this music with my Kurzweil stage piano and with M-AUDIO controller, the last one connected to my computer.

In English language, the songs are named:

1) CO2       2) Space-Time travel       3) Compromise nature       4) Death nature

5) 50Attempt (this is the name of my band – I play in a rock-pop parallel project- and I have dedicated this music to my four friends)

6) Oort’s nebula

I hope that you can make a good listening whit my album, wishing you to feel some little emotion.


Vidéo : 

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  4. Musicien extraordinaire!

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