Karmafish is the alias of a singer-songwriter and producer from England. The music is mainly Alternative Rock, but the artist does indulge in Electronic and Classical influences as well.

Albums :

playlist artwork  Instrumentals: Points of View

A touch of psychedlia, propped up with ethnic drumming and progressive rock. Taking something from each of the previous Karmafish tracks, ‘Nocturnal’ links 8 different sounding tracks within the wider theme of ‘the night’. 
Starting with the synth-pop of the opening track, ‘Best Intentions’ and ending with the closing rhythms of ‘Stonehenge’, each track tells part of the story – coupled with soundscapes incorporating Morricone-style harmonica, metal-esque guitars and Nine Inch Nails type soundscapes. Each main song is followed by a short instrumental to keep a fluid progression thoroughout this mini-LP.
playlist artworkLife Support
‘Life Support’ is a 10 track alternative rock album,  Opening with the punky ‘Eternal Sunshine’.  This track is followed by ‘Where Do You Go?’, which is slightly reminiscent of bands like The Strokes, before the brooding and explosive epic ‘The Rules’.  Finally, the closing song, ‘Down And Out’, provides a haunting, driving tune to bring the album to the end.
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