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En attendant que s’éclaircisse la situation dans Jamendo, la nouvelle voie de contact pour connaître mes nouvelles publications est ma page facebook et Restorm. Là nous pourrons être  en contact et vous pourrez connaître mes nouvelles publications

Albums Jamendo:
playlist artwork Camden Town

playlist artwork  Here We Go

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Adragante barde musicien Harpe Celtique Adragante, barde musicien (Harpe Celtique). C’est sous la voute végétale des vénérables chênes de la forêt de Brocéliande qu’est né et à grandit mon amour pour la harpe celtique. Autodidacte depuis 13 ans, j’aime composer, improviser et partager ma passion… Pour moi la musique (et surtout la harpe celtique) n’est pas seulement un art divertissant mais c’est surtout un art sacré, car musique et spiritualité sont pour moi intimement liées.


Album artwork 5-thème4synphonique-charlie

playlist artwork résonnances interieur

playlist artwork Harpe celtique et flute




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C.J.ROGERS is a solo musician from Luxemburg.

In the early ’90s, he had the idea to produce music, in which the most part is based of computer created electronic sounds!
All his instruments are based on stand-alone and VST software synths, this allows him to create new and authentic, as well as digital and analog sounds!
End of the ’90s he was ready for his first album and started with his new project.

His music is all produced, composed, played, arranged and mixed up to final-mastering by himself!
The productions are various styles of electronic music as lounge, chillout, dance, electropop, film, soundtrack, funky, electrojazz, ambient, downtempo, trance… with preference of experimental sounds.
For more info about him or biography , follow this link:

Albums Jamendo :


playlist artwork Last Day

playlist artwork TechnoGhost

TechnoGhost is my contribution for Halloween this year!
It’s techno, electronic, dance, dark… and as usual by me, completely original!
I wish you lots of fun.
If you enjoyed my work, please let me know!

See you CJ

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Albums Jamendo :

playlist artwork  
Can feel it

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playlist artwork 
Retro Global (DEMO)

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playlist artwork  Let my feelings flow

playlist artwork Sometime in life

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Vidéos : 
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Oursvince, born 29th January, 1979, is a french guitarist/songwriter.  Oursvince began studying musical theory and classical guitar at the age of seven while attending the Angers (France) school of music.

Oursvince is a multi award-winning guitarist, pianist and composer whose eclectic work ranges from calm and soothing to melodious and downright catchy!
Drawing on influences ranging from traditional Celtic and Medieval music to modern bands, his diverse instrumental catalog covers Folk, Rock, Classical, New Age, Dramatic, Electronic, Hip Hop, Latin, and World styles, among others.
Oursvince has been a winner and/or finalist in numerous Broadjam, Independent Music Awards, and UK Songwriting Contest competitions in a variety of genres.


Albums :

playlist artwork Falling Stars

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