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a time full of joy and happiness
a time determined by the warmth of the sun and the freshness of nature
a time with the greatest variety of lights and colors
rays of sunshine make their way through branches and leaves, rocks and caves, streams and lakes
finally, they arrive at a unique object and give them the most beautiful colors ever seen with your eyes
these colors are a symphony for the eyes, because they never remain the same, they change depending on the lights caused by the sun     …this is SUMMER LIFE…

Igler: Produzent.

 did you ever feel tired and worn

as you did after a long journey, your body was powerless, your head was empty
but the journey of life goes on there is no rest you fall but then you rise again
you’ll never give up because you’re not alone, there is somebody beside you
who cares about you even if there is no more perspective even if you’ve already given up. he encourages you to carry on now you are close to the target
you take a last look back then you are there, there where you wanted to get.
welcome home…!
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Brzozowski Marcin

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playlist artwork smoth guitar pop

Vidéo :  http://www.youtube.com/user/MrMarcinBrzozowski/videos

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Boulier Julien

En savoir Plus :

Je compose actuellement de la musique et je réside à brest.  Je suis intéressé par différents projets artistiques, théâtre, danse, court-métrages, documentaires, films.  Si vous voulez me contacter, envoyez-moi un message surjulienboulier@hotmail.com ou écrivez-moi sur http://www.myspace.com/bodhranboulier  . Mes morceaux que j’ai composés récemment sont sur mon site http://www.julien-boulier.net ou encore sur ma page artiste facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Julien-Boulier/142679245743630?sk=app_2405167945
Albums :
playlist artwork Ossian

playlist artwork Septime

playlist artwork Figures


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Berrier Guy

Guy_berrier photo

Quelques notes, et l’on fait un petit voyage ensemble.
 Albums :
playlist artwork JAZZY WAY

Hello  ….Currently, I miss inspiration, Alors I am turned over towards my old tracks and I propose a small compilation of some Jazzy titles to you.

Momentan habe ich Inspiration nicht, dann drehe ich mich in Richtung meiner alten Spuren um, und ich schlage Ihnen eine kleine Kompilation einiger Jazzy-Titel vor.

Actualmente, carezco de inspiración, entonces me doy la vuelta hacia mis antiguas pistas y les propongo una pequeña compilación de algunos títulos Jazzy.

playlist artwork CHALLENGER DEEP

Deux pistes de musique contre les armes de guerre.


Je pense que nous avons touché le fond…

We are very low….

Ich denke, daß wir die Unterseite berührten.

Penso che abbiamo toccato il fondo.

Pienso que afectamos el fondo.

CHARLIE COME BACK :    no comment…

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playlist artwork ADN

ADN : Une référence à cette musique qui demande une rupture rythmique qui n’est pas très facile. Celle-ci doit être dans le corps du musico…J’ai fait ce que j’ai pu pour ces deux morceaux. un nouveau Axones et un ancien (2008) de l’album Attitude Soon de mes débuts…

ADN: Reference at this music which requires  rhythmic rupture which is not very easy. This one must be in body of musico… I did what I could for these two tracks. New « Axones » (2014) and old (2008) of album « Attitude Soon »  in my beginnings…

(cc) Some Rights Reserved - Attribution CC BY

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Dom the bear

Born in 1964, in Alsace, France. Dom has from his teen age been part of choirs, Gospel groups ( as Bass singer and solist ) , but was unable to play decently music instruments and use musical sheets as he’s heavily dyslexic.
As he is fond of computers, he started at the same time in the beginning of the 2000s a PC gaming career and used to learn by itself how to play Computer music with softs and synths.
Albums sur Jamendo :
playlist artwork Postcards from the Southern Mountains

Walking inside the Alpes mountains in South of France, not far from the famous Côte d’Azur aka the French Riviera, but in a way it’s anotehr world, another planet: olive trees under the snow. Husky dogs yelling in the snow not far from Coast italian towns as Vintimiglia or Bordighera.

Walking through pine trees at 1200 meters high not far from Menton town, world capital of the lemon fruit and the lemon tree, on Mediterraean coast. I live in what is truly called the Maritm Alpes mountaisn county, sea and snow…

These 3 titles are, so to say, flashlights and kinda postcards of the Roya valley, where i live, 3 kms from Tende and the marvel Valley. Not an easy way of life, but tremulous landscapes and sunny and dry weather nearly all the time.


2 of them, Harfang and Avalanche, are energic and electronic. The other, Wintermantel, is quiet and orchestral. Feel at ease, breathe a while and listen to the snow and the sun….

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playlist artwork Beast of 2014

Titles that were very appreciated this year, on several platforms… Four of them are unreleased on Jamendo, but got nice success on other platforms. Enjoy!!

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