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En attendant que s’éclaircisse la situation dans Jamendo, la nouvelle voie de contact pour connaître mes nouvelles publications est ma page facebook et Restorm. Là nous pourrons être  en contact et vous pourrez connaître mes nouvelles publications

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playlist artwork Camden Town

playlist artwork  Here We Go

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C.J.ROGERS is a solo musician from Luxemburg.

In the early ’90s, he had the idea to produce music, in which the most part is based of computer created electronic sounds!
All his instruments are based on stand-alone and VST software synths, this allows him to create new and authentic, as well as digital and analog sounds!
End of the ’90s he was ready for his first album and started with his new project.

His music is all produced, composed, played, arranged and mixed up to final-mastering by himself!
The productions are various styles of electronic music as lounge, chillout, dance, electropop, film, soundtrack, funky, electrojazz, ambient, downtempo, trance… with preference of experimental sounds.
For more info about him or biography , follow this link:

Albums Jamendo :


playlist artwork Last Day

playlist artwork TechnoGhost

TechnoGhost is my contribution for Halloween this year!
It’s techno, electronic, dance, dark… and as usual by me, completely original!
I wish you lots of fun.
If you enjoyed my work, please let me know!

See you CJ

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552dbfbd21134b32c5050f979702b57e_2393682  Bidule
 Albums Jamendo:
playlist artwork Palpitations

playlist artwork Remix

playlist artwork Daydreamer

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Danis Laurent

Je joue de la guitare depuis l’âge de 13 ans. Très vite je m’intéresse au jazz et aux musiques improvisées. J’ai donc été naturellement attiré par la musique indienne. En 2004, lors d’un voyage en Inde, je rencontre le guitariste Nadaka, qui m’aide à concevoir une guitare indienne à touches creusées, accordée en quinte, me permettant d’explorer plus avant ce style de musique. Merveille de l’électronique et vieux rêve enfin réalisé, un convertisseur midi me permet de jouer n’importe quel son à l’aide de mes guitares…. Ma palette sonore s’ouvre alors sur de nouveaux horizons ! En compagnie de mon ami Gangadhar, j’ai réalisé en 2006 l’album entièrement improvisé « Sur le Souffle du Vent », d’inspiration indienne : mélange de guitares, de sitar et de flûte indienne. Depuis longtemps je compose ou j’improvise des musiques propices à la relaxation ou à la méditation. 
Albums :
playlist artwork  El Camino
playlist artwork Blue bird

playlist artwork Bhutan Song

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Stefano Mocini

About me: I started made music when I was only 6, because in the computer there was installed fruity loops, and I used it like a game. but i soon started to try to reproduce what i listened in the radio, so, step by step, i started to learn how to use this softwer. After i started to play the keyboard, that I received like christmast gift. One day I listened to « Back to life » from Allevi, and I loved it so much that I started to play the piano, every day. Step by step i learned how to make music, and how music is made . So now i can use the softwer whereby I played whan i was a child to make my own music. What kind of music should I make? Simply the one that I like!

Albums :

playlist artwork Eh ya

Autres albums :
 playlist artworkHere I am (cinematic)


playlist artworkOnce we were angels (single)
playlist artworkAgainst hate
——-« The heart asks love first… »——
cover by luigi diamanti,: non commercial use allowed.
I was cleaning my kitchen, when suddently I thought: « why should I clean it if after a couple of day it will worse than now? Strange: the human soul is like a kitchen! ».  The truth is that if you never clean it, it will be unclean for ever. 
From this the idea for this album: a relaxing, calm, emotional pianosolo.  
Why this title? I took the idea from a friend of mine: she hopes a world in peace, and I really hope the music  will help to realize this dream. Music is against hate…
——A couple of thing about the song « the white wolf » ( to a kind friend): sometimes life is hard, unfortunatly not ever the good wins the evil. But I’m sure that Love can win against hate. And remember that above the storm there is ever the sun. Wish you will happy.—–
I really hope you will like this album. Don’t forget to share on facebook and star the album!
If you want here there is another beautiful pianosolo album:
Thank you and keep dreaming….
—album registred on safecreative—
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