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a time full of joy and happiness
a time determined by the warmth of the sun and the freshness of nature
a time with the greatest variety of lights and colors
rays of sunshine make their way through branches and leaves, rocks and caves, streams and lakes
finally, they arrive at a unique object and give them the most beautiful colors ever seen with your eyes
these colors are a symphony for the eyes, because they never remain the same, they change depending on the lights caused by the sun     …this is SUMMER LIFE…

Igler: Produzent.

 did you ever feel tired and worn

as you did after a long journey, your body was powerless, your head was empty
but the journey of life goes on there is no rest you fall but then you rise again
you’ll never give up because you’re not alone, there is somebody beside you
who cares about you even if there is no more perspective even if you’ve already given up. he encourages you to carry on now you are close to the target
you take a last look back then you are there, there where you wanted to get.
welcome home…!
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