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Bruno et the Susio Soul Squad

Albums :

playlist artwork Time for swinging

playlist artwork Back Home (feat. Simone Casieri)

playlist artwork Lonely Night


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Acad Studio

En attendant que s’éclaircisse la situation dans Jamendo, la nouvelle voie de contact pour connaître mes nouvelles publications est ma page facebook et Restorm. Là nous pourrons être  en contact et vous pourrez connaître mes nouvelles publications

Albums Jamendo:
playlist artwork Camden Town

playlist artwork  Here We Go

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Roberto Daglio

World, Jazz 
Pavia, Italie
Site Web :

Albums : 

playlist artworkColl.of Coll. Two

playlist artworkA ray of light (rethought)
Vidéo : 
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Jazz Friends

How the project Jazz Friends is born
I liked the idea of making a gift for this holiday, for the Jamendians listeners who love jazz, and there are many.
To make album in collaboration. To bring together in a project, the friends on Jamendo that playing Jazz, in its different articulation: Jazz, Blues, Fusion with raid into Latin music.
I think that this type of album is useful to the promotion of Creative Commons music and the artists who publish under this license, as an opportunity to meet, even for future collaborations. In the spirit of sharing that animates all those who provide their creations avalaible freely.
The spirit of the Project
First, participate with joy.
Want to have fun playing the music. Think of this as a meeting of friends.
And most importantly, make music that would appeal primarily to those who compose it, without thinking about the plays, the charts, the reviews or anything, just the joy and satisfaction of making music together. And eventually even venture into a different and charming kind, risking herself
To the isteners to judge whether we have succeeded there.
Albums : 
playlist artwork White Notes
playlist artworkSpring Flowers 2014
playlist artwork  autumn-leaves-2013
 playlist artworkSummer Jazz 2012
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Cardoso Gaby

Albums :

playlist artwork Pàjaros Del Alba

playlist artworkFotocopias De Un Impulso
Todos los textos y mùsica / All texts & music by: Gabriel Cardoso.
 – Catherine Corelli (Russia): Recited voice and adaptation of my poem « Humans«  to Russian. Thanks SO much to Catherine for her time, kindness and wonderful voice.
 – Tesekkür Ederim Eray (Turkey): Presentation voice on « Güzel« 
Merci beaucoup à Daisylis, pour l`aide sur « Formas«  et l`aide pour faire l`intro de « Güzel« … avec Tesekkür Ederim Eray (et c`est dèdiè à lui, famille… et Daisylis)
Also a big thanks to Liam Stewart (UK) for his help & support.
Gracias tambièn a Augusto Monzòn. 
La Petite Zamba « Mercilla 16:20«  est dèdiè en amitiè à Bruno Karnel, et « Songpainter« , aussi amicalement, à Yvalain…
Por ùltimo dedico tambièn « Los Eucaliptos« , con humildad y respeto a la encantadora cantante Española Olga Romàn.
playlist artworkPoor Rich Man (EP)
– Reggae Version on YouTube:
playlist artworkI Know What I Do
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