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Blue Arkangel

Blue Arkangel is an independent producer and ambient music composer residing in the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) His musical training covering different styles and influences, among which we highlight the sacred music (European and Asian) and minimalist and impressionist music. A characteristic of his music is the creation of enveloping atmospheres, using for this synth (synthesis: granular, physical modeling, additive and subtractive) combined with sounds of traditional instruments and the human voice Nouveaux titres sur Soundcloud : 

Invisible Doors

Albums sur Jamendo :

playlist artwork 
Spectral Textures

playlist artwork Live Improvisation 2-Waves

playlist artwork 
Live Improvisation-Alpha and Omega

Music performed and recorded directly. No sequencer, spontaneous, without previous ideas.
playlist artwork 
A new and peaceful vision for the new year

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Albums sur Soundcloud :  Crystalized

Clairvoyance Clairvoyance

Albums sur Bandcamp: Several paths for a single destination cover art Several paths for a single destination


« Uninterrupted succession of shades, textures. Brightness, opacity, proximity, distance. In an infinite continuum … » Albums sur Restorm : Eafbb9b3144cdb1790c3eeff9bef7baa_2237190  Eagerness

Result of an afternoon improvisation. The only preparation was to choose the synths, everything else arose spontaneously from a boost
This is a piece of experimental music The pattern-base is extracted from the image of the logo, through an algorithm. Then I realize the process of humanizing the theme.
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Ich beschäftige mich seit 2001 mit elektroakustischer Musik. Bei Interesse an der Verwendung meiner Stücke schreibt mir bitte.

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Gemischte Klangmanipulation cover art Gemischte Klangmanipulation

Genetische Klangmanipulation cover art Genetische Klangmanipulation

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playlist artwork  Geteilter Kern

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Reality Blurred cover art  Reality Blurred

  • 6 titres – Time 57:47- 2013
  • électro, ambient, atmosphéric, chillout, drone, expérimentalglitch, minimal, modern, classical, noise, psychedelichoegaze, soundscapes, soundtrack, Poland

Singles cover art

 »Singles » album would take you on journey across a music filled by emotions, it would touch your soul and surprise with a reference to the classic music taken stright from the Klaus Schulze’s land. You may find a whisper of a dark matter from a sci-fi brand.
The music you can find on this CD is not a simple one. It needs a lot of attention and concentration so then you may feel all emotions it contains. The silence has a very important role in this album, to maintain the main idea of the sound. It is worth to use a good quolity audio device so then sounds would take you on the walk as a passerby on the main street in Warsaw. The cover of the CD shows a chessboard where squares run out. This music introduce a life and life problems are just as those squares added to already existing board. How life would be easier if it is based on a Queen of all games’ rules. Permanent rules.

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Album dedykuje wszystkim nowym/starym przyjaciołom, których mialem okazje poznac na Elektronicznym Weekendzie 2011 w Mogilnie, oby wiecej takich Imprez. Dziekuje. Barka, mile miejsce.

playlist artworkEven the Digital World is Full of Colors


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Chop Kader

Albums : 

playlist artwork  Garden of Eden

playlist artwork Sansa Stark

playlist artwork  Electronic Lullaby

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Album :

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