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Café Del Chillia

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playlist artwork The Jazzy Gipsy

The Jazzy Gipsy is a various style of music in one album, the works are composed en mixed with jazzy flavor, Chill and lounge with vocals.

Chill-jazzy and guitar-jazzy are played on some tracks. Two tracks was just singles before, and they are added now to this album:

« Brand New Life » and « Sunshine Diamond », these two tracks are alreday published on jamendo and bandcamp.

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playlist artwork THE ANSWER

Dreams of my days were never being as I expect. This track have some memory to me when I was young in the 80’s. But it will reflect my time today as I could feel it inside of me.

A dream, ambiant journey is sharing with you.

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playlist artwork Magic is Life

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 playlist artworkOn the tip of a leaf
on the tip of a leaf“ – wie Tau an der Blattspitze balancieren, Grenzen ausloten. Verloren gehen. Eineinhalb Jahre nach Neuformierung treiben VANDA. das 2005 begonnene Konzept an den Rand. Darüber hinaus. Indietronic.
Es geht darum, sich selbst zu verlieren. Etwas Magisches zu erschaffen, sich selbst in der Musik zu verlieren und beinahe zu vergessen, dass man am Leben ist.
Lau Højen (Carpark North)
Wenn euch die Platte gut gefällt, kauft Sie unter:
new EP « on the tip of a leaf » was released in January 2012.» watch the music video for th included song « all of me is yours to claim ».

minette88 Très bon album !
 22.01.2012 01:48Excellent vocal, une superbe voix bien mise en valeur par la rythmique (belle guitare et batterie). Un album qui mérite le détour car bien conçu et très bien interprété. En favori, en playlist et en recommandation.


playlist artworkWhy do we stare, even when we don’t want to.


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Odd Meter For The Masses!

Three young german students of Popular Music and Media found each other to create a dynamic sound vision of modern rock music. They´ve been tired of all the pop-commercial borders and conventions. Together with some friends they recorded their first CD « Kra! » during July 2007.
Influences from the Psychedelic veterans of the 70s combined with a futuristic atmosphere and Post-Rock influences of the new century, « Suchtmaschine » found its place in a musical world called « Kra! »

Neo-Psychedelic, Prog-Hotschrott mit einer Prise Leben, Licht und Schatten; getragen von Streben nach musikalischer Freiheit in einer Zeit, in der Musik keine gängigen Konventionen mehr braucht, um verstanden zu werden. Jeder kennt sie. Die Lust an der Sucht. Jeder wird sie erkennen. Die Suchtmaschine.

Album :

playlist artworkKra!

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