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Andrew Haze

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Music Producer & Remixer Covering the fusion of sounds..
I do not specific a particular style, but my base of creation could be said to be in the field Dance & Electronica: From the: Electro,Trance,House,Tecno,Techouse,Deep,Break Beat,Tribal. Some added ingredients from rock to classical,Harmonic..or Funk,Metal,even Folk..
The intention in my compositions
is the production of vocal music with some, or none, this being purely instrumental, leaving the imagination of the listener approach, resulting in different sensations … without language barriers …The idea is also to make each song a world in which we explored different sonic possibilities, and so each album is a journey into the endless corners unimagined creativity and expression as one sees different paintings, for example in my case: MusicAll tracks have their own atmosphere, its own identity, even some songs seem two melodies in one or more, varying the feeling ..I hope you enjoy and will enjoy it, because each track was inspired by her love for music has always .
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playlist artwork Hotel Florida

Entirely dedicated to you : accompliceFriend, Partner, Loveof my life, with all my love, my sweet hummingbird..

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SoLaRiS is a solo musician from the UK who creates ambient electro fusions with world /  progressive rock and experimental elements. A long time member of the AcidPlanet community.  He was grand prize winner of the ‘ Madmen & Dreamers ‘ remix competition held on there and was just recently a runner up in the Ali Handel remix competition. Several of his albums are available atiTunes.

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