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Café Del Chillia

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playlist artwork The Jazzy Gipsy

The Jazzy Gipsy is a various style of music in one album, the works are composed en mixed with jazzy flavor, Chill and lounge with vocals.

Chill-jazzy and guitar-jazzy are played on some tracks. Two tracks was just singles before, and they are added now to this album:

« Brand New Life » and « Sunshine Diamond », these two tracks are alreday published on jamendo and bandcamp.

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playlist artwork THE ANSWER

Dreams of my days were never being as I expect. This track have some memory to me when I was young in the 80’s. But it will reflect my time today as I could feel it inside of me.

A dream, ambiant journey is sharing with you.

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playlist artwork Magic is Life

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World, Alternatif, newage, soundtrack, ambient, chillout, synthe
Origine:  Espagne – Sitges
Sites web:
Profil géré par: Estalagmita
Albums :
playlist artwork Mixing and Remixes From Catalonia

playlist artwork Canyons of Guadalupe

playlist artwork Solo Piano and Other Things

Solo piano and other things, is a compilation of several of my albums, where the piano takes center stage in the piece as the main solo instrument. They are themes already covered above, but with the advantage of having them all in one album.
Hope you enjoy … Happy Holidays ..! 😀

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Albums :

playlist artwork memories

playlist artwork  End of time

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